why Choose TAJ?

Tailor-made solutions:

Taj Relocations' tailor-made solutions are flexible program solutions that are customized as per a company's requirement. We understand that every client requires flexibility and demands excellent services. Our tailor-made solutions always offer recommendations to fit the needs of any organization, business, and employee. Through our knowledge and experience, we navigate the complexities of relocation to offer a flexible combination of solutions as per client's requirements. We provide multiple sets of mobility solutions to enhance the overall experience of the assignee.

End To End solutions:

At Taj Relocations, we offer an extensive mobility solution for every step of an assignee's journey. We support our clients and partners with different mobility programs at the destination. With so many decisions to be taken in a limited time span, the solutions at Taj relocations guide assignees through the relocation process from the start to the very end. We design our services in a way that they map every step of their journey and develop the requisite support. We are a one-stop solution for every mobility need that assignee's may have.

Global Reach:

With its headquarters in India and a wide reach spreading to all the metro cities and tier-I and tier-2 cities of the country, Taj is not just limited to India as a service destination but our international services expand to the neighboring countries of Sri Lanka, Maldives, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Taj also has a worldwide coverage in the regions of Europe, APAC, Australia, North and South America through its partners. Our strategic location and presence enable us to provide localized support through our partner network and create a worldwide footprint. We focuses to assist client of all designation through our trustworthy partners who are responsive and has the core knowledge of the destination.

Taj supplier network:

Local partners to support global needs!
Taj Relocations is well supported by its network of local on-the-ground experts to meet your various relocation needs. Be it car rentals, furniture rentals, house-hunting, or lawyers and agents, our organized network of partners works in synch to create value for all our outbound activities. This local network has come on-board after passing through a strenu- ous selection procedure and a variety of quality and compliance checks, providing assurance and reliability to everyone associated with Taj.

Industry Best Practices and Compliance:

Industry best practices and compliances are essential for Taj to maintain its workplace policies. Since the beginning of our journey, we have ensured that our practices meet the industry standards for safety, security and quality for setting our own standards for trust, reliability and confidentiality. technology takes care of it all through intuitive learning methodology.
We follow the occupational screening, ethics and training programs, client and employee surveys, risk assessment in different areas, auditing, and management analysis. Our services are in line with the compliances of industry best practices that have created a benchmark worldwide and as a testament to that, Taj Relocations has been a proud member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council (ERC) and European Relocation Association (EURA) for almost a decade. In order to be on the edge of the industry best practices and compliances, Taj Relocations has also obtained Eura Global Quality seal.

Robust technology:

Our relocation technology solutions help us meet all the needs and requirements of our clients and serve them better. The solutions work on the real-time reports at every step. A successful relocation requires coordination among various activities that are taking place simultaneously. Our robust technology helps Taj in preparing a detailed report for every case that we handle, starting from job initiation to the closure of the process. Whether it is to view and track initiated services, work in progress, to submit expenses online, to connect with counsellors, track payment history or to access relocation guides and tools, our global relocation technology takes care of it all through an intuitive user interface.

Partner network:

At Taj Relocations, we choose our partners based on individual knowledge, experience, professionalism, expertise and quality compliances. We consider our partners the extended arm of Taj Relocations and ensure that they are fully integrated into the service delivery process under Taj's close administration. Our partner selection process is followed by thorough due diligence to verify their credentials and performance evaluation at the destination. Our SLA and KPI have been the key to successful partnerships and deliverables on the ground. Through our partner network, we fulfil both the domestic and well as the international relocation requirements of our clients.

Recognition and awards:

Our biggest achievement lies in the fact that we have a very wide client-base spread across the continents that benefit from our services on a regular basis. In addition to the appreciation we receive from our regular clients for helping them get a comfortable relocation experience, which we consider to be the biggest award, Taj Relocations has also been the highly commended DSP for the year 2019.

Our International Certifications and Affiliations