With the faster pace of business demands, Taj prepares assignees to adjust in their new culture. We believe that intercultural solutions if adopted minimizes the risk on the global assignments. Our trainers understand the specific set of norms, values and habits that are influenced by the history of a country which is an integral part of the culture. They help assignee adapt better to the new environment and create a feeling of belongingness and understanding that help them merge with society at large.

Useful information and resources provided by us help assignees organically integrate with the culture of the country they are moving to, and make an emotionally daunting task lighter, relaxed, and comfortable. In addition to providing a seamless relocation, we make their stay more pleasant and enjoyable by offering intercultural solutions that help you assimilate with the culture of the country. In addition to customizing the cultural integration solutions, we offer the following services:

  • Cross-cultural training
  • Language trainings
  • Spouse support/ Partner Assistance Program
  • Kids sensitivity program

Our International Certifications and Affiliations