Our Core Values

Integrity, Trust and Transparency:

The trusted relationships that we have established with our clients, employees and partners stand strong on the pillars of honesty and integrity. The values of trust and transparency have made their way from the senior executives to each and every level of the organization through effective communication, education and practice of commitment.

Embracing Global Diversity and Inclusion:

As a Glocal organization, we believe in practising inclusivity. We follow the global diversity practice of including everyone by adapting to diverse policies worldwide. In order to create a global footprint by delivering exceptional client satisfaction, we work through seamless collaboration.

Delivering Happiness:

At every stage of the relocation process, Taj Relocations strives to keep happiness at the forefront of its services for both our clients and their employees.

High Esteem:

We hold the value of our clients, team and the industry in high regard by

respecting and strictly adhering to the timelines and upholding the promises made by us.

Customer Satisfaction:

Customer satisfaction is the topmost priority for Taj. Our services are designed keeping in mind ultimate customer delight. The voices of our clients, in the form of feedback, are of high importance to us.


The compliance requirements at Taj enforce the data privacy goals as a topmost priority to ensure complete confidentiality and freedom for the clients.

Our International Certifications and Affiliations