Leadership at TAJ

Hemant Kumar

Managing Director

With more than 18 years of experience in real estate, mobility, and finance, Hemant Kumar leads Taj Relocations as the Managing Director. As the Managing Director of Taj Relocations since 2015, he has put his expertise and engaging leadership style to use and worked to insinuate commitment to hard work, teamwork and customer service among the employees. Under his successful leadership and guidance Taj has only grown bigger and stronger across all the business units within the international mobility industry. Over the duration of his career, he has worked at various leadership positions including strategic guidance, business planning, policy development, public relations, and finance. Hemant helps cultivate strong relationships nurtured with empathy, trust and knowledge at Taj Relocations. He envisions creating a strong international support system for the global mobile workforce and leads the strategic planning of the organization accordingly. He holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) in International Marketing from the Heriot-Watt University and he has completed his bachelor’s degree in computers from Punjab University.

Anamika Singh

Chief Operating Officer

Anamika brings almost 15 years of experience in the field of real estate, customer service, and mobility to her role as a CEO. During her career, she has fulfilled various responsibilities as an inspirational leader for developing high-quality business plans and strategies and ensuring its alignment with the short-term and long-term goals of the organization. As a CEO, she has been consistently working to develop a high-achieving team under her and also overlooking the operations of the business. Prior to this, she has had the experience of working with an American retail company and an American real estate firm during which she developed an inclination towards specific products and service lines. After an almost 12-year work experience in the mobility industry, she began her journey as the CEO in the year 2015. In her role as a Chief Executive Officer, she envisions setting up new industry benchmarks through integrity, high work ethics and due attention to detailed needs of every client here at Taj. She has completed her MBA in International Marketing from the Institute of Marketing Management, New Delhi and is a commerce graduate.

Divyajit Singh Snehi

Chief Operating Officer

Divyajit joins TAJ with over 20 years’ experience in Corporate leadership in sectors as American real estate, consumer goods, hotel chains and Wakefield, Whirlpool, ITC Hotels and Kimberly-Clark where he specialised in planning, organizing and managing corporate Human Resources management, overseeing enterprise diversity and inclusion HR and engagement strategies, interpretation and administration of HR policies and practices and ensuring adherence to corporate polices and governmental regulations. Each company he has worked with he has navigated internal operations towards the strategic and successful development of the organization. Divyajit will lead the Board of Directors, as well as strategic planning, quality and cost control, HR including staff growth and mentoring initiates.

Patricia Satterly

Business Development – Global Mobility

Patricia brings more than 30 years’ experience in customer service, communication and administration. Her job titles have varied but her passion for building good relationships, attention to detail and bringing structure and processes to each organisation she aligns with, remains throughout her journey. Patricia gained most of her career experience in Vancouver, Canada and has also worked in the Caribbean and now India. Her communication skills, creativity and critical thinking make her a natural fit for her role in International Business Development and Relationship. Her time at TAJ Relocations has been successful in creating valuable links across the global network of mobility professionals. Patricia’s goal is to develop a strong network where trust, integrity and dependability are foundational; so that all stakeholders benefit and the industry is shaped to help those who matter most – relocating professionals. An avid traveller Patricia has visited more than twenty countries and lived in four. She completed her Bachelor of Science at University of the West Indies and Master of Science in Business Administration from Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.

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