Back then, the opportunities in the sector were growing every day and with sincere hard work and passion towards helping people settle down, Taj expanded into the mobility sector. From helping people move from one place to the other within a restricted area, Taj widened its goals and took a big leap in the industry with the help of innovation, strategy and technology. At every step in their journey towards growth, Taj has improved and enhanced its services by taking regular customer feedback and extracting learnings from the mobility industry norms.

Today, Taj has reached a point where it is helping families worldwide to relocate anywhere with the help of its trusted partner network that it has built through all these years. Taj Relocations is not just a destination consultant anymore. We also help clients design and develop their domestic or international assignment programs and policies.

In the future, we intend to grow by helping corporates meet their business objectives through analysis of their mobility goals and requirements. We at Taj Relocations can help organizations stay at the top in the global competitive markets of today by helping them devise plans that meet the needs of assignees and their families.

Our International Certifications and Affiliations