TAJ helped loving Napoleon meet his master!

When it comes to moving the four-legged family members, relocating assignees really show their vulnerability. Concern for the animal and its well-being while travelling alone through all the logistics and connections, cause families to become anxious. Understandably so! But for the professionals who are in touch with the authorities and know the rules and regulations of the trade, the risk is minimized. The main purpose of the relocation company in this case is not just to get the job done but to keep the pet’s family calm until they are happily reunited.

Business Requirement:

TAJ assisted with documentation and moving of assignee’s pet from France to India.

The number of days within which the pet could be relocated lawfully into India was limited due to the Regulations which added a level of complexity to this case. However, TAJ was given the opportunity to unit Napoleon with his master. We took this challenge and proceeded with this service.

All the coordination had to done with assignee’s wife who was still in France at the time and spoke no English. The language barrier added yet another challenge.

As a part of its customer-centric value system, TAJ selected a dedicated consultant, an avid dog lover, to look after this case. Because of her passion, she gave special attention to this project and ensured that TAJ would keep its stellar reputation making Napoleon’s entry to India a success.

Napoleon took a few days to recover from the journey but the happiness and excitement in his master’s eyes when they finally met at the airport was evident to all around. Napoleon is now enjoying life in India happily alongside his family.

In the master’s words:

Thank you, TAJ, for your help and professionalism in the relocation of my family in India. Appreciate a lot your support in all the successive steps to succeed in our installation in Delhi. Napoleon arrived yesterday evening, as scheduled, loved to see him.

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