It’s the small things that count!

A manager at a Fortune 500 company received his first relocation assignment to India, and he brought his pregnant wife along to explore their new destination and to find the perfect house.

It was summer time in Delhi so the days were unbearably hot!

Day 1 of the property viewing was ambitious with 12 properties listed. The day proved to be too exhausting, especially for his wife. The next day the plans were revised. Having a better idea of the couple’s preferences, after spending the previous day with them, the consultant arranged the viewings for Day 2, shortlisting the houses so only the best would be visited.

The Consultant also did some due diligence on suitable restaurants in the area. Given the heat and the wife’s pregnancy, special attention was given to a healthy light menu for lunch.

The consultant’s proactivity really touched the assignee and sped up their ability to make the right choice.

What an impact this made on the family and the client.

In their own words:

“Dear Taj, thank you for caring so much about my wife and designing the day as per her comfort. I owe you a dinner once we are settled in our new house. This orientation would not have been this easy and we would not have been able to get our dreamhouse without you, thank you again.”

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