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This case study is showcasing TAJ’s zeal and dedication, for all the projects coming their way and the trust their clients have which always result in success in everything they do for them.

The aerospace, defense, security and transportation company was in the throes of establishing a new defense project in India and required a team of experts to be relocated to India. TAJ’s zeal and dedication shone through for this new project and played a key role in the success of the relocation and assignees and therefore the Organization. TAJ’s role was to conduct a thorough look see tour prior to the expats accepting the assignment. TAJ needed to portray the city realistically showing the incoming expats what it would be like to work and live there. The challenge was the city was a lesser developed location.

The company handed TAJ Relocations the reigns so they could take the lead on this project, drawing from the team’s expertise presenting a balanced view of the city while focusing on the positive aspects of life and work in the new destination.

Business Requirement:


Summary and Result:

TAJ assisted the Global HR & Security team by conducting a thorough and in-depth orientation guide. All preliminary research and investigations were a worthwhile investment paying off with the in-depth knowledge. Choosing a consultant capable of handling the task due to prior trips to the city put TAJ in the position to confidently offer insight and practical wisdom to the client during this time of decision-making. Understanding the standard of housing and security requirements helped TAJ focus on finding the ideal homes to review, saving time, money and preventing the client’s frustration. TAJ provided an outstanding orientation tour. This opened the door for future opportunities with this client for relocations to this City.

TAJ’s thorough performance and ability to connect with the client has always taken them miles together and we hope to continue the same.

In their own words:

“Dear TAJ, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and thanks for your support at Chandigarh. The way you prepared the complete itinerary in limited time and the show around organized is really appreciable.”

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