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Opening a branch office of the parent Company is not an easy task for HR to manage. What added a level of complication in this scenario was that HR was advised to send their expats back to the home country to obtain new visas before they could work under the branch office. The Senior Immigration Advisors of TAJ came into play when the HR was struggling to manage the transfer of eight expats to their home country so they could procure new visas in order to legally work in the branch office.

Taj Relocations studied the business domain of the branch office, understood the Organization structure, connection between the parent and the branch office from all angles i.e. financial, legal, processes, policies, compliance, benefits in order to come up with the solution to the problem area of the Organization.

Our Global Immigration Advisors leveraged their knowledge, experience and relationships to deliver a solution which allowed the expats to continue working in the branch office legally without having to return to the home country to get new visas.


The savings alone on this endeavor was monumental. The cost of eight employees with families travelling back to the home country as well as hotel accommodation, would have been in the Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars; not to mention the loss of revenue due to this disruption and downtime as the documentation was secured.

The peace of mind delivered by TAJ to this enterprise was priceless since work was not disrupted due to travel and absence from work all while being 100% compliant.

The removal of this burden from HR as well as the relief of HR manpower not having to focus on this diversion, allowed internal processes and policies to continue as the priority.

In their own words:

"The immigration process can be intimidating and stressful. Having Taj Relocations take care of our case made it a breeze. With few calls and personal meetings with our HR, everything was taken care of. All we had to do is to provide the required documents to Taj Relocations for the Transfer Process. The complete process took just over 4 weeks. You are the most efficient team around! We value and treasure our partnership.”

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