Relocation Services completed with full family support

We believe that in the current evolving environment, clients need both expert and creative solutions to their requirements. Our client was staffing Saudi Arabian nationals to their India Office on new projects. The challenge included the need to relocate the families along with the assignees. Family concerns about the relocation often make employees reluctant to accept transfer assignments. Reasons include concerns about the new location, language barrier, spouse reluctance to leave the current position, housing market issues, and school admission for their children. Our Relocations Experts had designed a family support program ensuring their employees and family members have a positive relocation experience. This program included:


TAJ’s solution to uprooting and relocating the families of all employees involved in the new project was to create a flexible approach in dealing with the spouses and children that fit with the Saudi Arabian culture. The effectiveness of this plan was evident in the HR’s ability to focus on retaining the employees and effectively achieve settled family units in India. The high satisfaction score given by the Saudi nationals on the TAJ performance during their move was a satisfying conclusion.

In their own words:

“Settling into the new country was sounding very challenging to me. I am SO grateful for your support on every single step of the way. I can't explain in words how fortunate we are to have such a remarkable team on our side to guide us through such a difficult process. The Taj Relocations team is always willing to go the extra mile to help address business requests and provide solutions."

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