Five Top Trends of Internet of Things

1 —Imagine looking in the mirror to see the news, the weather or traffic updates while you get ready. Smart mirrors are no longer a dream and will also be equipped with internet mates like Alexa or Siri.

2 – GPS, where would we be without it? Literally! GPS enhanced already provide health informatics but being connected to the internet, it can, in real-time provide tracking information so loved ones can be easily found and receive emergency support if required.

3 – Don’t bother getting your driver’s license. Self-driving cars will be all the rage. BMW7 Series is already equipped with the ability to be summoned by an app to pick up its driver and to drop the driver off while it parks itself.

4 – Foldable phones have already been released in the market though they are ironing out some of their bugs. With more screen area, the phone will be thinner but still fit in your pocket. This will lead to a change in quality of display and probably functionality.

5 – Smart homes will be the norm. Fridges that read the recipe or play music while you cook or let you know when to restock on items by sending a grocery list to your phone. Smart mattresses will monitor your sleep and know when to wake you, gently if that is your preference.

Will these things make life better for us or just make us more dependent? Let us know your thoughts.

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