The mandatory requirements to comply with a new government and economy can be quite daunting for a foreigner or a new resident. Right information and timelines are critical to steer clear of any issues that may impact the individual or organization adversely.

We work in tandem with the changing paradigms of the ever evolving compliance legislation. Access to right information and dissemination of the same to our partners and clients alike within the specified timelines are critical to our service delivery.

Our experienced immigration and visa consultants have an in depth knowledge of the statutory requirements. They help you complete all the required formalities in timely and efficient manner and help you get going faster.

The services offered include but are not limited to:

Visa application – In bound and out bound
Work permit processing
Re-entry / exit permits
Legalization of documents
Locally-required registration / Residence Permits
Local Taxation support


The Immigration experts at Taj Relocations provide procedural information and interface with the Government regulatory authorities for the documentation and interaction needed for acquiring the work permit and visa application. We also closely communication with all concerned and track the progress until the release of work permit.


Compliances with local immigration authorities and regulation of outbound immigration from India.


Process-driven documentation, dissemination of procedural information to the relocating expatriate/family and the organization representatives, processing of all necessary documents at one go with minimal to and fro is taken care by Taj Immigration experts. As and when required, an accompanied visit is made to the authorities. Our team follows up with authorities until residence permit is collected and handed over to the Expatriate.


Our experts coordinate with compliance of necessary documents for e- registration, assist with the online formalities until the residential
permit is obtained.


The excitement of moving to another country can soon wane if the assimilation process is hampered by cultural and language barriers. To fit- in smoother, it is imperative to learn the nuances of the socio cultural construct of a new country / city.

Our solutions are designed, developed and customized to ensure that the needs, expectations, and concerns of the clients are fully addressed. The delivery of the inter cultural solutions may include in-depth classroom training; one-on- one coaching; and consulting.

Our experienced trainers and counselors step in to offer support and advice through:

Inter Cultural Training
Language Training
Spouse /Partner Employment Support
Child care/Day care Support
Car Rental Services
Travel Assistance


Any move to a new location requires on ground assistance for both short term and long-term assignments. To help the new individual/ family settle-in easier, good local support is the key.
Our mobility consultants bring with them vast and in depth local expertise that help them meet the requirements of a move. They are good at understanding expectations and managing them well. The Destination Services team ensures a smooth transition of relocating employees to the new location and helps them adapt swiftly to the local living and work practices.
Our service delivery model combines Single Point of Co-ordination (SPOC)
with in-house service coordination team of Destination Services Managers,
Consultants, and the support staff.
We can customize the destination program packages that may include:

Area Orientation/ Look-see/ Preview trip
Temporary Accommodation bookings
Home Search
Tenancy Management
School search
Rental assistance – Car, Furniture, Appliances
Repatriation Services
Expense management

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