Any move to a new location requires on ground assistance for both short term and long-term assignments. To help the new individual/ family settle-in easier, good local support is the key.
Our mobility consultants bring with them vast and in depth local expertise that help them meet the requirements of a move. They are good at understanding expectations and managing them well. The Destination Services team ensures a smooth transition of relocating employees to the new location and helps them adapt swiftly to the local living and work practices.
Our service delivery model combines Single Point of Co-ordination (SPOC)
with in-house service coordination team of Destination Services Managers,
Consultants, and the support staff.
We can customize the destination program packages that may include:

Area Orientation/ Look-see/ Preview trip
Temporary Accommodation bookings
Home Search
Tenancy Management
School search
Rental assistance – Car, Furniture, Appliances
Repatriation Services
Expense management

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